Texas is nice because it’s fairly warm 90% of the year. As someone who has been raised in Austin, dressing for the summertime is my forte.

A downside of the Texas weather is that I have yet to experience winter, spring, summer, and fall from my doorstep. Something I’ve always desired.

When the start of my senior year came around, it was time for me to decide what I wanted to do after graduation — and where I wanted to go.

First answer: Up north, where I can have a different wardrobe for all four seasons.

I’ve spent my junior and senior year of college searching for jobs, a company I love, and a place that’s welcoming to coats and snow boots. So far, I’m still exploring for an opportunity with the intersection of all three.

But I’ve found throughout my search for the place with the perfect four seasons, if you are driven, open minded, and follow your passions, you may fall right where you belong — into Season Five.